Course title: Seminars in Modern English Lexicology

Tutor: Assistant professor Rossitsa Pashova

Mode of delivery: Two academic lessons every second week
Course place and status within the program
In the second year of studying during the third semester.The program regards the following courses: Bulgarian and English; Russian and English; Linguistics and IT technologies.
Competence expectations
After the course the students should be able to orientate themselves in the problems of modern English lexicology and semantics
Aims and objectives of the course
In this section of the course of modern Engish the students get aquainted with the basic problems and notions of the English lexical system in light of the achievements of modern linguistics.The focus of attention is on the word as a basic lexicological unit, various semantic changes, polysemy, word-formation – affixation, conversion, compounds; semantic relations b/n words – synonymy, hyponymy, homonymy, antonymy. The problem of meaning of the word and different approaches to it.
Weekly organization of topics & reading assignments
The students are required to have got acquainted with each separate topic beforehand as regards the schedule.
Course requirements
Regular attendance of students and active participation in the classes.
Mode of assessment
written exam
Core readings: J. Molhova. Outlines of English Lexicology, Sofia,1990

The general bibliography for the course includes:

Irina Arnold, The English Word. 1986
J. Lyons. Semantics, Oxford University Press, 1991
R. Ginsberg, et al. A Course in Modern English Lexicology. 2000