CV & publications


Vesselina Koynakova

Address and email:

Department of English and American Studies
Plovdiv University
24 Tsar Assen Str
4000 Plovdiv Bulgaria

Professional qualification:

• Dates (from – to)
1994 to present
• Name and address of employer
Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski, 24 Tsar Assen str, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
• Occupation or position held
Senior Assistant Professor
• Main activities and responsibilities
Director of Studies at The English Department;
Academic Advisor for students of Applied Linguistics (BA)
Head of MA Programs- Linguistics and Translation and Translation and Business Communication
Lecturer in Contemporary English Language (Morphology) in the BA Programs
Lecturer in Language and Style, Translation of Business Documents, Practical Linguistics, Language and Communication in the MA programs.


• Dates (from – to)
• Name of organisation
Sofia University
• Title of qualification awarded
MA in English Language and Literature Studies
Teacher’s Qualification in Bulgarian Language and Literature

Main Fields of Research:

Comparative Linguistics;   Epistemic Modality in Cognitive Grammar;   Markers of Epistemic Modality in English and Bulgarian

Membership in Academic and Professional Institutions, Bodies and Organisations:

Academic Union of Scholars in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Society for British Studies

Foreign Languages:

• Reading skills
• Writing skills
• Verbal skills



Senior Assistant Professor Vesselina Koynakova

The English Verb-Phrase: Grammar Patterns and Speech Variations – Сборник научни трудове на СУБ, Пловдив, серия Б – Естествени и хуманитарни науки, 2002, стр 297- 302.

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Constructing the Modal Meanings of Logical Assumption, Possibility, and Probability in English and Bulgarian, Сборник от Научна конференция “90 години Варненски Икономически Университет – Световната криза и икономическото развитие: Предизвикателства пред чуждоезиковото обучение ”, том 4, ( стр. 252-263), 2010, ISBN 978-954-21-0489-6.

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The Expression of Logical Necessity in “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. Научни трудове на СУБ- Пловдив. Серия Б. Естествени и хуманитарни науки, том ХІV, (стр. 229-236) 2012, ISSN 1311-9192.

A Cognitive Approach to Epistemic Modality: The notions of Probability and Possibility in English and Bulgarian, Сборник от Научна конференция “International Interdisciplinary Conference: Comparisons, Interactions, and Contestations Within/ Across Cultures”, Veliko Turnovo St. Cyril and St. Methodius University Press, ( стр 96-108) 2012, ISBN 978-954-524-858-0.


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