Assoc. Prof. Krasimira ChakarovaAssoc. Prof. Krassimira Chakurova, PhD is a lecturer in contemporary Bulgarian in the Faculty of Languages and Literature at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”.

She finished her secondary education at the “Dimitar Blagoev” High School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Plovdiv city (nowadays known as the “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” High School of Human Studies). During 1984-1989 she studied Bulgarian language and literature at PU “Paisii Hilendarski” and in 1989 defended her degree with a graduation thesis about “The Bulgarian Conclusive Form and Its Functional Equivalents in the Serbo-Croatian Language”. During her education at the university she participated in two national academic competitions, dedicated to the problems of the Bulgarian language and held in the cities of Plovdiv and Shumen, where she was awarded first prize.

Right after graduation she started working as a Bulgarian language teacher at the High School of Mathematics “Acad. Kiril Popov”, Plovdiv city. In 1990 she won a PhD competition in contemporary Bulgarian language in the Faculty of Languages and Literature at PU “Paisii Hilendarski” and in 1994, after successfully passing the entrance examination, was chosen for an Ass. Prof. Ordinary in contemporary Bulgarian language there.

In the year 2000 she defended a dissertation on “The Repetition Category in the Contemporary Bulgarian Language” under the guidance of Prof. Ivan Kutsarov D.Sc., PhD, as a result of which she received the title PhD and was chosen for an Assoc. Prof. Ordinary. Her scholarly work for attaining an academic rank is dedicated to the language resources for expressing volitional mood in the present-day Bulgarian language (“The Imperative Mood in the Contemporary Bulgarian Language”).

Her scientific interests are in the sphere of the modern Bulgarian language morphology and stylistics, comparative grammar of the Slavic languages, comparative aspectology and psycholinguistics. Assoc. Prof. Krassimira Chakurova, PhD holds lectures on contemporary Bulgarian language morphology, Bulgarian aspectology, comparative aspectology, editing basics, business documentation language and style, media texts, etc.

She has over 80 scientific publications ( in Bulgaria and abroad and has participated in a number of national and international projects. She is the author of three books: “The Stylistic Mistake Phenomenon” (in co-authorship with P. Kostova), Plovdiv, 1999; “Training Handbook on Bulgarian Morphology”, Plovdiv, 2000; and “Aspectuality and Quantity”, V. Turnovo, 2003. In 2003 The Union of Scientists in Bulgaria awarded her a Diploma for Extraordinary Scientific Achievments for her latest work. At the moment her fourth book “The Imperative Mood in the Contemporary Bulgarian Language” is getting prepared at the printer’s.

Assoc. Prof. Krassimira Chakurova, PhD is the chairman of the “Philology” section at The Union of Scientists, Plovdiv department; she is a member of the governing body of The Young Scientists Club in Plovdiv; founder and head of the Linguistic Club “Prof. B. Simeonov” at PU “Paisii Hilendarski”. She is the originator of the project on establishing the Academic Morphology Competition in Contemporary Bulgarian Language and the National Student and PhD Conference in Plovdiv city. She is also a co-author of the Bulgarian Electronic Linguistic Library project ( ); member of the editing body of “Slavic Dialogues” magazine, issued by the Faculty of Languages and Literarute at PU “Paisii Hilendarski”.

In 2006 Assoc. Prof. Krassimira Chakurova, PhD started working on a second labour contract as a lecturer in contemporary Bulgarian language at the preparatory department for foreign students at the University of Food Technology – Plovdiv city, where she was proclaimed head of the newly founded Department of Language Education, Physical Training and Sport Activities.