Ivanka PetrovaDr. Ivanka Petrova Petrova is a Bulgarian Philology graduate of the  University of Plovdiv, where she subsequently receives her master’s degree in Modern Bulgarian Studies. In 2003 she undertakes a five-month specialization in Computational Linguistics at the New University of Lisbon, Portugal. During 2004-2008, she is a PhD student in Computational Linguistics at the Department of Computational Linguistics at the Institute for Bulgarian Language ‘Lubomir Andreychin’ at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In 2009 she successfully defends her doctoral dissertation called ‘Parsing of the Simple Declarative Sentence in the Bulgarian language’.

Her scientific interests are in the field of: computational linguistics, syntax, semantics, general and comparative linguistics. She has a number of publications of articles in the field of syntax, semantics and computational linguistics. She is fluent in English, German and Portuguese. She has worked as a translator and teacher of Bulgarian language to foreigners. As a member of the Linguistic Club ‘Prof. Boris Simeonov’ of Plovdiv University she participates in the development of a multilingual glossary of linguistic terms.