Tanya NeychevaTanya Stoyanova Neycheva is a Russian Studies master’s degree graduate (1998) and has also taken all exams in Slavic Studies, Serbo-Croatian language (2009) at Plovdiv University ‘Paisii Hilendarskii’. From 2001 to 2004 she is a PhD student in Slavic historical linguistics at the Department of Russian Studies at the same university.

Her scientific interests are in the field of: the Church Slavonic language, historical grammar of Russian language and comparative Slavic linguistics. She authors publications in the field of historical grammar and historical lexicology of the Russian language, history of Russian standard language and Church Slavonic language.

She has publications of scientific and literary translations from Russian, Serbian, Croatian and Upper Sorbian language. He has taught Russian language, historical grammar of Russian language, history of Russian literary language, Old Bulgarian. Since 2005 is a technical organizer in the Department for Foreign Students at Plovdiv University ‘Paisii Hilendarski’.

She participates in the research projects: ‘Creating a glossary of the Bulgarian linguistic terminology’ (with the correspondences in English, German, French and Russian) – a project of Linguistic Club ‘Professor Boris Simeonov’ (2007-2008), ‘Creating a new thematic Russian-Bulgarian Dictionary’ (2006-2007), Publishing of the journal ‘Slavic dialogues’ for Slavic languages, literatures and culture (2004-2005); National Linguistic Program of the Bulgarian National Revival – ‘New readings’ (2009-2010). Participates in the project to create a Multilingual dictionary of linguistic terms and in the editorial board of collections of reports by the National Conference for undergraduate and graduate students (Plovdiv, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008): ‘Beyond the words: the shiftings of meaning’, ‘Words: images and reflections’ and ‘Texts and readings’.