Desislava DimitrovaDesislava Lyubomirova Dimitrova is a bachelor of Bulgarian language and English language. She is now taking part in two master’s programmes of PU “Paisii Hilendarski”: the first one is in Slavonic philology (polish profile) and the second one is in Actual Bulgarian studies. She has been a member of the Linguistic club since 2007. She wins first place in The National essay writing competition with her essay on the theme of  “The Bulgarian spirit through the ages” (May, 2007). She is a laureate of several prizes in three serial formats of The National conference for university students and holders of doctor’s degree carried out by Faculty of Philology of PU “Paisii Hilendarski” and SUB – Plovdiv *  : third prize for her report: “A mystery in the language of the Bulgarian Renaissance or how the first grammars figured on the exotic character of article usage”(2007); second prize for the report: “Archetype images of apocalypse in the novelette “Suhodol” by Ivan Bunin “ (2008) which is published in the jubilee collection “Texts and readings”, Plovdiv, 2009; and second prize in 2009 for her research work “Substantive word groups with stable structure in the language of the Bulgarian folk epos”. Her scientific interests are in the area of comparative linguistics and computer linguistics, Bulgarian literature and comparative theory of literature. She has teaching apprenticeship in language high schools and English language schools. She is a member of the editorial board of the collections of reports from The National conferences for university students and holders of doctor’s degree (Plovdiv, 2006, 2007 and 2008); the reports are entitled: “Speech: images and reflections” and “Texts and readings”.

* SUB-Plovdiv – USB (United Scientists of Bulgaria) – Plovdiv