Daily Archives: March 16, 2020


Dear students,

Pursuant to Article 21 (1) of the Administrative Procedural Law and Article 32 (1) of thе Higher Education Law in connection with the State of Emergency on the territory of Bulgaria declared by the National Parliament  as of  13th  March 2020 and in connection with order RD-01 – 124 / 13.03.2020 issued by  the Minister of Health, the Rector of  Plovdiv University issued an order No P33-1328 according to which all the classes (lectures and seminars) are cancelled from 13th of March till 29th of March 2020.

Throughout this period the training will continue in the form of distance learning via electonic sources and means. Your lectureиs will provide you with detailed information and instructions on the issue.

We hope that the complicated situation will be overcome soon and look forward to seeing you back in Plovdiv.

Ве healthy!

Head of the Department,

Associate professor Ph.D  Krassimira Chakarova