January 25, 2016

Abstract submission

subm download (PDF ~660KB)

We will publish Book of Abstracts in paper and pdf available on the conference website.

The deadline for abstracts is 10 July 2016.

The abstracts for both oral presentations and posters should be submitted in English, with max 250 words for the abstract body. Abstracts must include text only (no pictures, tables, graphics or references). Use 12 point Times New Roman font and single line spacing. Do not use any text formatting and do not use Italic, unless for the Latin names of genera and species. Please, indicate the presenter (underline) and the affiliation (s) of the author (s).

Please note that at least one presenter for each accepted abstract must register for the conference and pay the registration fee by 31 July 2016. Abstracts without a registered presenter by this date will be removed from the conference programme and Book of abstracts. One conference fee covers two oral/poster presentations.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes; additional discussion of 5 minutes will be allowed. If the presentation is on Bulgarian, the slides should be on English.


Posters should be on English, with size no larger than B1 portrait (707 X 1000 mm) and easy to read from a distance of 1.5 m. Please print the poster on a single sheet.