Organic Chemistry

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1. Prof. Iliyan Ivanov Ivanov, PhD – Head of Department
2. Assoc. Prof. Stela Mironova Statkova-Abeghe, PhD
3. Assoc. Prof. Stoyanka Nikolova Atanasova, PhD
4. Assoc. Prof. Zhan Stefanov Petrov, PhD
5. Assoc. Prof. Rumiana Ivanova Bakalska, PhD
6. Assoc. Prof. Plamen Angelov Angelov
7. Assoc. Prof. Soleya Zaprianova Dagnon, PhD
8. Assist. Prof. Stanimir Petrov Manolov, PhD
9. Assist. Prof. Dimitar Georgiev Bojilov, PhD
10. Katia Dimitrova Stancheva
11. Jordan Ivanov Stremski, MSc
12. PhD student Svetlana Liubenova Avramova
13. PhD student Maria Plamenova Penkova
14. PhD student Pavel Rumenov Yanev

  • Synthesis of biologically active organic compounds.
    The investigations of research group include the preparation of new organic compounds with potential biological activity. The investigations for the last several years included the application of the intra- and intermolecular alfa-amidoalkylation reaction for the synthesis of variety of isoquinoline derivarives and some other N-heterocyclic compounds, including alkaloids. We also investigate the application of ortho-substituted amines in the synthesis of N-heterocycles and construction of isoquinoline, beta-carboline and quinazolinone skeleton in the presence of polyphosphoric acid, which is a permanent interest in synthetic application for us. This approach provides an alternative, convenient route to the isoquinoline ring formation.Team:
    Prof. I. Ivanov, PhD
    Assoc.Prof. St. Statkova-Abeghe, PhD
    Assoc.Prof. St. Nikolova, PhD
    Assoc. Prof. P. Angelov
    E. Kochovska, MSc

    Selected Publications:
    1. Venkov A., and Angelov P. “Synthesis of Unsymmetrical beta-Enamino Ketones” Synthesis, 2003, 14, 2221.
    2. Angelov P., Ivanov I., and Venkov A. “Synthesis of Some Novel 11b-Substituted Pyrimido[6,1-a]-isoquinoline Derivatives”, Molecules, 2004, 9, 694.
    3. Venkov A., Statkova-Abeghe S., Donova A., Amidoalkylation of Heteroaromatic Compounds with Adducts of Acyl Chlorides and 3,4-Dihydroisoquinoline and Isoquinoline” Central Eur. J Sci., 2004, 2, 234.
    4. Ivanov, I., Nikolova, S., Statkova-Abeghe S. “A simple method for the synthesis of 1-substituted beta-carboline derivatives from tryptamine and carboxylic acids in polyphosphoric acid”, Heterocycles, 2005, 65, 2483.
    5. Ivanov, I., Nikolova, S., Statkova-Abeghe, S., Angelov P. “A synthesis of N-formylenamides of isoquinoline”, Heterocycles, 2006, 68, 387.
    6. Ivanov, I., Nikolova, S., Kochovska, E., Statkova-Abeghe, S. “Polyphosphoric acid-induced construction of quinazolinone skeleton from 1-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-3-phenylurea and carboxylic acids”, Heterocycles, 2006, 68, 1443.

  • Chemistry and biochemistry of Maillard reaction and glycation.
    This research group investigated synthesis and structural characterization of advanced glycation end – products. Studies of modification of proteins by carbonyl compounds in model systems, foods and biological tissues.Team:
    Assoc. Prof. O. Argirov, PhD
    Assist. Prof. M. Marinov, PhD
    Assist. Prof. P. Marinova – Department of General and Inorganich Chemistry

    Selected Publications:
    1. Linetsky M., Shipova E.V., Argirov O.K., Influence of glutathione fructosylation on its properties, Arch. Biochem. Biophys., (2006) 449, 34-46.
    2. Linetsky M.D., Shipova E.V., Legrand R.D., Argirov O.O., Glucose-derived Amadori compounds of glutathione, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, (2005) 1724, 181-193.
    3. Argirov O.K., Lin B., Ortwerth B.J. Phototransformations of advanced glycation end products in the human eye lens due to ultraviolet A light irradiation, Annals of the N. Y. Academy of Science (2005) 1043, 166-173.
    4. Cheng R., Feng Q., Argirov O.K., Ortwerth B.J., K2P – a novel cross-link from human lens protein, Annals of the N. Y. Academy of Science (2005)1043, 184-194.
    5. Argirov O.K., Lin B., Ortwerth B.J., 2-ammonio-6-(3-oxidopyridinium-1-yl)hexanoate (OP-lysine) is a newly identified advanced glycation end product in cataractous and aged human lenses, Journal of Biological Chemistry (2004) 279, 6487-6495.

  • Developing of preparative methods for the synthesis of compounds with ureido group.
    Investigation of synthetic possibilities of trichloromethylcarbonyl compounds as acylating reagents towards various nucleophiles. Developing of preparative methods for synthesis of compounds with potential biological activity containing ureido group – open-chain or cyclic including ureas and 3-substituted analogues of 2,4(1H,3H)-quinazolinedione.Team:
    Assist. Prof. J. Petrov, PhD
    Prof. G. Andreev, DSc – Department of Analytical Chemistry

    Selected publications:
    1. J.S. Petrov, G.N. Andreev, “Synthesis of 2,4(1H,3H)-Quinazolinedione and 3-Substituted 2,4(1H,3H)-Quinazolinediones”, Org. Prep. Proced. Int., 37(6), 560 (2005).

  • Syntheses, spectral and structural investigation of codeine and its derivatives.
    As a part of the research work of the department are transformations (chemical, photochemical, MW) of morphine alkaloids, as well as structural and spectral investigation.Team:
    Prof. T. Kolev, DSc.
    Assist. Prof. R. Bakalska, PhD

    Selected publications:
    1. Bakalska, R., B. Ivanova, T. Kolev: “Linear-dichroic infrared spectral (IR-LD) analysis of codeine and N-norcodeine derivatives”, Central Eur. J. Chem., 4(3) (2006), 533-542.
    2. Kolev, T., R. Bakalska, B. Shivachev, R. Petrova: “Codeinone”, Acta Cryst. E62 (2006), o255-o257.
    3. Kolev, T., R. Bakalska, B. Shivachev, R. Petrova: “6-acetylcodeine”, Acta Cryst. E61 (2005), o2582-o2584.
    4. Kolev, T., B. B. Ivanova, R. Bakalska: “6-O-Acetylcodeine and its hydrogen-squarate – linear-dichroic infrared (IR-LD) spectroscopy”, J. Mol. Struct., 794 (2006), 138-141.
    5. Bakalska, R., Chervenkova, V. B.: “Direct oxidation of codeine to codeinone”, Bulg. Chem. Ind. 73 (3-4), (2002), 108-111.

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