Venue and Travel

Arranged Transportation:
University of Plovdiv has arranged transportation from Sofia to Plovdiv and return with the following schedule:

26.06.07 from Sofia Airport to University of Plovdiv at 16:00h
– 27.06.07 from Sofia Airport to University of Plovdiv at 11:00h
29.06.07 from University of Plovdiv to the Sofia Airport at 9:00h and 14:00h

Public Transport:
First you need to get to the Central Bus Station in Sofia, most probably by taxi from the Airport, it should be not more than 10-20 EUR. There are busses to Plovdiv every hour and the ticket costs 10 BGN (about 5 EUR).

Central Bus Station

By car:
Sofia and Plovdiv are connected with a highway (A1/E80) of about 140 km. The road signs will guide you from the airport to Plovdiv.

Map and Guides
Plovdiv map with hotels and university locations

Original map without markers

How to get to the 11th auditorium?
You need to walk straight ahead from the main entrance and in the middle of the corridor take right. On the right hand side you will see the 11th auditorium.