The editorial board of the Annual Collection of Articles Verba iuvenium follows established good practices in scholarly publishing and complies with the code of conduct and the international standards set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) ( It is our strong belief that having a professional attitude requires submission of original scholarly manuscripts in the fields of literary studies and linguistics that are consistent with the style guidelines for the edition. The editors and reviewers, in turn, are expected to ensure fairness and confidentiality, which will help us achieve our main goal stemming from our intention to see that young scholars’ research papers are evaluated objectively.

The mandatory requirements that authors and editors must comply with are as follows:

Authors must:

  • send original papers that are up to standard as regards language and style and show no traces of plagiarism;
  • strictly fulfill the special formal requirements for research papers;
  • establish clear research objectives and declare the methods they use so that their results can be verified by other scholars;
  • accurately quote other scholarly publications that have left an indelible imprint on the theoretical basis for each study;
  • accurately cite the source texts from which they have excerpted material;
  • submit original manuscripts that have never been published elsewhere;
  • assume all responsibility for the manuscripts submitted for publication;

Editors and reviewers must:

  • make impartial decisions and disregard all commercial considerations when reviewing texts;
  • write reviews offering objective and well-grounded appraisal and evaluation of all submitted papers;
  • exercise their right to refuse publication when a text does not meet the accepted criteria or violates the policies of publication ethics;
  • adhere to the provisions of the established procedure for anonymous reviewing and, therefore, must not disclose any information concerning submitted papers;
  • be able to resolve the conflicts of interest that may arise.