Contents of Issue 5


I. Linguistics

Velichka Ilieva

In Search of the Lost Words or on the Filling of Gaps in the Text of Hrelyo’s Epitaph

Hristiyana Topuzova

Observations on the Functioning of the Abbreviated Infinitive in the Modern Bulgarian Language

Vasil Stamenov

Distribution of the Direct Evidence Forms from the Type shte pisheh, shteshe da pisha, shte byah pisal, shteshe da sam pisal

Diana Markova

Description of the –m/-em Deverbatives in the Bulgarian Grammatical Studies after the Bulgarian Ortography Reform in 1945 until Nowadays

Stefani Troyanska

Оn the Peculiar Case of the Functioning of the Definite Article (Definiteness ~ Indefiniteness) in Contemporary Bulgarian Media

Kremena Dulgerova-Uzunova

On the Morphological Peculiarity of an Unstudied Speech – the Speech of S. Dolen, Zlatogradsko

Polina Tabakova

On the Question of the Morphological Category Plan (Taxis) in Spanish and Bulgarian

Boris Biserov, Petya Aleksandrova

On the Matter of the Grammaticalization of the Indefinite Article in Bulgarian Through the Juxtaposition Between English and Italian

Nikolina Mavrodieva

The Bulgarian Elative and its Functional Equivalents in Modern German

Bozhidar Boyadzhiev

To the Question of Bulgarian Future Relative Tense and Its Translation Analogues in Modern Italian

Anastasia Hadzhiyska

Lexical Devices for Expressing Imperative Mood in Bulgarian and Russian

Daniela Ivanova

Overgeneralization and Overregularization in the Verb System of the Bulgarian Interlanguage of Foreign Medical Students

Nataliya Matseva

Opportunities of Co-teaching for Increasing Cognitive Activity of Students (Integrative Approach to Learning Bulgarian and Music for the 5th Grade)

Atanas Dobrev          

About Some “False Friends of the Translator” in German and Norwegian

Natasha A. Spasić

How to Increase the Motivation of Students for Language Learning at an Advanced Level?

II. Literary Studies

Joanna Neykova

Ruins: on Walter Benjamin`s Philosophy of Language

Joanna Gudalova

The Critic and His Journey Towards “Odysseus”

Silvia Nikolova

Nesho Bonchev: the Aesthete as an Artist

Kristina Georgieva

How the Religious and the Scientific Interact? (Petar Beron – „The Flood, His Reason, Action and Consequence”)

Daniel Asenov

How to Become a Writer? Georgi Rakovski and Petko Slaveykov. The Different Strategies of Autorepresentation

Iliya Tochev

 “Paradise isn’t for the Likes of Me” or the Aerial Toll-houses of the Foreigner in the Existance

Maria Kostova

In the Paradoxical World of Shadows (Shadows by Yavorov – Motifs and Problems)

Elina Venkova

Boredom Creates Diabolical Dreams

Boris Biserov, Viktoriya Ivanova

The Role of Two Symbols in Vaptsarov’s Poetry

Simona Haltakova

 “Tobacco” Dimitar Dimov and “The Trembling of a Leaf: Little Stories of the South Sea Islands” Somerset Maugham – a Trial for a Dialogue

Ivana Vitanova

Animal References in Blaga Dimitrova’s Novel “Litse”

Lilia Trifonova

The Beheading: Salome’s Gesture in the Works of Wilde, Moreau and Beardsley

Iva Stefanova

The Monstrous Double. The Tailors’ Dummies of Bruno Schulz

Elena Mincheva

Dario Fo on the Bulgarian Scene – Research Trajectories and Analytical Perspectives

Dimitar Karamitev

Major and Mayor – on Two ‘Truths’ in Hardy’s Novels