Contents of Issue 2


I. Linguistics

Detelina Ovcharova

Typology of the Bilingual Phrasebooks of the Third Quarter of the 19th Century

Јелена М. Павловић Јовановић

Nonrestrictive Relative Clauses in the 19th Century Serbian Legal Texts (Preliminary Research)

Diana Markova

Some Cases of System Relations in the Bulgarian Gramatical Morphemes

Vasil Stamenov

On the Subject of Root Modifiers in the Functional-Semantic Field of Person in Contemporary Bulgarian. The Relation Between Person and Evidentiality 

Petka Ivanova

Phraseological Peripheral Modifiers the Expression of Comparativity in Contemporary Bulgarian 

Desislava Dimitrova

The Grammeme Resultativeness and the Perfective Aspect in Bulgarian and Their Grammatical and Functional-Semantic Equivalents in English

Slaveyah Goranova

Possessive Pronouns as Modifiers of the Periphery in the Field of Personality in Contemporary Bulgarian, English, and Spanish

Hristiana Krasteva

On the Word Order and Intonational Features of Bulgarian Questions with Wh-words

Ramona Stoycheva

The Adverb ‘някога’ (‘ever’) in Bulgarian and its Equivalents in Romanian Language

Sema Kutsarova

Turkish Nouns Denoting People, Formed from the Names of Domestic Animals and the Activities Related to Them

Hatizhe Osman

Ismail B. Ağlagül’s Interpretations for Rendering Bulgarian Phraseological Units into Turkish

Zhaneta Andreeva

Stylistic and Pragmatic Specificities of Cognitive Metaphors in Bulgarian Political Speeches from the End of the 19th Century 

Nikoleta Stoykova

Чѝйзбургер, чийзбу̀ргер or чѝйзбу̀ргер? On Stress Again and Its Representation in Dictionaries

Elitsa Milanova

Do All Mermaids Have Tails? (Information Twist of Culture-Specific Mythonyms)

Irina Mitarcheva

Celtic Borrowings in the English Language 

Mariya Zhekova

Overview and Exploration of Existing Artificial Intelligence Systems

II. Литературознание

Demetria Taneva

Nikola Vladikin between Marginality and Oblivion

Маria Georgieva

Elective Affinities: Conceptualizations on Time in the Dialogue Botev – Rakovski

Маrina Bratanova

Forms of Initiation in the Book “The Lonely Windmills” by Stanislav Stratiev

Iliya Dimitrov

Noncannonical Charm. Ivan Teofilov’s Poetry in the 1960s

Iliyan Karaboichev

The Image of Narcissus in the Poetry of Vyacheslav I. Ivanov and Konstantin D. Balmont 

Iliyana Bancheva

The Reversed Love Triangle in Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt`s Play “Enigmatic Variations”

Zoya Ivanova

Nature and Character of Russian Emigration from the Beginning of the XX Century

Nikolay Genov

How to Think the Cybernode: “Labyrinth of Reflections” and “The Helmet of Horror”

Bozhidara BonevaKamenova

Fanny and Suwelo: Shades of Love in Alice Walker’s The Temple of My Familiar

Kristiyan Yanev

Unrighteous Righteos: Observations on the Polish Discourse of Saving the Jews during World War II in the Movie “In Darkness” (2011)